This group of essay’s is dedicated to environmentalism and the importance of saving our environment. This class has not only expanded my knowledge on how to be environmentally conscious, but also my ability to inform others who are interested in the same social issues. The overall theme of my blog posts is to help raise awareness of certain environmental issues within our society.

Each blog post of mine has something uniquely in common, they each consist of a picture of my 2014 trip to Muir Woods in San Francisco, California. This trip inspired a lot of my writing for most of my bog posts. Muir Woods is a beautiful National Monument that has been preserved by the National Park Service for many years. It has been protected by the government thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt who declared it a National Monument on January 9, 1908. It is named after naturalist John Muir, even though the original suggested name was the Kent Monument.

Some other interesting facts about Muir Woods is that the main attraction of the park is the beautiful Sequoia Sempervirnes trees, more commonly known as the Coastal Redwood trees. The National Monument is a Coastal Redwood Forest. The tallest tree in the forest is 258 feet high and the oldest tree is 1.200 years old.

The trip my family took to the Redwood Forest inspired my entire family to become more environmentally conscious. It was the beginning steps for us to realize that our actions have consequences in the long run. To be in the forest surrounded by all the Redwood trees, the birds, fish, and all the other animals that make the forest their home is truly an other worldly experience. Being able to place my hand on the bark of a tree that has been alive for hundreds of years was an experience I will never forget. To be deep in the forest completely surrounded by the trees with no technology was an eye opening experience. It gave my family a chance to enjoy being outdoors with no stress of work or other outside influences bothering us. To be able to be separated from technology and industry from the outside world also gave my family a chance to step back and appreciate all that nature has to offer. It is truly a shame that our society is constantly finding new reasons to cut down more trees and pollute our air and water sources, if we do not change these bad habits soon we will find ourselves in a trash filled world.

It is a horrifying thought to picture such a beautiful National Monument chopped down, turned to ash, and filled with trash, which it was at high risk of becoming if people like John Muir and President Roosevelt didn’t help fight to save it. I am so grateful to of been able to have such a wonderful experience with my family at Muir Woods. I know myself along with many others will never stop fighting for beautiful places like Muir Woods, whether they are a national monument or not, from falling prey to the industrialized world.

Our Writing in an Endangered World course this semester has only made these problems stand out more, whether it was learning it through informational texts like Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring, or through novel’s like T.C Boyle’s Tortilla Curtain. All the information we were able to require only makes our generation realize even more the great lengths we must take to slowly start saving our environment. At the beginning of the course I was very unaware of how many current issues were happening involving our environment, and becoming aware has been a long and frustrating process. As we come to the end of the course I hope to encourage not only myself in continuing to stay environmentally conscious, but to spread the word to many others, how important it is to realize that we only have one beautiful environment, and if we destroy it we will never be able to get it back.



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